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1.According to the Pradhan Mantri Urja Ganga Yojana mentioned in the above video, the people of which city have benefited from that scheme?
Answer: Varanasi

.What is the estimated length of the pipeline laid under the scheme according to the information of the Government of India scheme given in the video?
Answer: 2540 km

3. Which Indian state is the leader in the production of cashewnuts ?
Answer: Kerala

4. What kind of Education can be improved under the scheme of ‘Operation Blackboard’?
Answer: Elementary education

5. Which river is closest to the Ukai Thermal Power Station?
Answer: Tapi

6. What is the mainstay of the Indian Economy?
Answer: Agriculture

7. Which types of exhibitions are organised in Vasantotsav by different states?
Answer: Various folk dances and fine arts

8. In which city of Gujarat is ‘Sidi Sayyid’s jali’ located ?
Answer: Ahmedabad

9. The festival of Indian classical music (Saptak) is usually held in which city of Gujarat every year ?
Answer: Ahmedabad

10. Who was the first Physicist from Gujarat?
Answer: Dr. Vikram Sarabhai

11. Who is the Prime Minister of India who fulfilled the idea of setting up a ‘Dr. Ambedkar International Centre’ in Delhi?
Answer: Shri Narendrabhai Modi

12. When was Gandhiji born?
Answer: October 2, 1869

13. Which vibhuti of Gujarat was posthumously honoured with the ‘Bharat Ratna’?
Answer: Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel

14. Who built Adalaj’s vav (stepwell) ?
Answer: Queen Rudabai

15. Name the famous Bhil folk singer of Gujarat.
Answer: Diwaliben Bhil

16. Which policy of the British did the princely states collapse in India?
Answer: Divide and rule

17. Which hill peak is the highest in Kutch?
Answer: Kalo

18. Which island is located in the Gulf of Khambhat?
Answer: Aliya Island

19. What is the tallest peak of Barada Hill ?
Answer: Abhapara

20. Which is the state animal of Haryana?
Answer: Blackbuck

21. Which Nationwide mission was launched by the Prime Minister in 2014 to eliminate open defecation and manage solid waste ?
Answer: Swachh Bharat Mission

22. In which atmospheric layer does Ozone gas reside?
Answer: Stratosphere

23. Where is the memorial of Shri Shyamji Krishna Varma located in Gujarat?
Answer: Kutch

24. Which of the followig Tropic is passes through India?
Answer: Tropic of Cancer

25. What is the ‘Nikshay Poshan Yojana’?
Answer: It is a scheme to provide Supplementary Nutrition to TB patients

26. Which policy is presented with the intention of bringing in capital intensive for defence and aerospace manufacturing to the state of Gujarat?
Answer: Aerospace and Defence Policy 2016

27. what production is Dhrangadhra of Gujarat known for?
Answer: Sand stone

28. Which is the largest mica producing state in India?
Answer: Andhrapradesh and Rajasthan

29. What is the name of the online call centre scheme by the Government of Gujarat where the youth of Gujarat can get employment oriented information ?
Answer: Rojagar Setu

30. PM Shri Narendrabhai Modi is the elected Member of the Parliament from which Constituency ?
Answer: Varanasi

31. Which national festival is celebrated on the 26th of January?
Answer: Republic Day

32. Which of the following techniques is used for reducing the TDS in the water ?
Answer: Ion Exchange and Distillation

33. How many tiers are there in the Panchayati Raj System of India?
Answer: Three tier

34. Where in Gujarat is the oldest Gita temple to be found?
Answer: Ahmedabad

35. Who inagurated Bogibeel Bridge in Asam?
Answer: Shree Narendrabhai Modi

36. Who was the first Election Commissioner of India?
Answer: Sukumar Sen

37. Which state has the lowest unemployment rate in India?
Answer: Gujarat

38. Who is the first sports Gujarati woman to be appointed as the first Indian shooter and a female police officer ?
Answer: Lajja Goswami

39. The local time of which longitude is accepted as universal time by all the countries?
Answer: Greenwich Longitude

40. By what name is the region between the Vatrak and Mahi rivers in Gujarat known?
Answer: Charotar

41. Which city in Gujarat is known as ‘Paris of Saurashtra’?
Answer: Jamnagar

42. In which state is the Ghana Bird Sanctuary located?
Answer: Rajasthan

43. Name the author of the book Indica.
Answer: Megasthenes

44. Which movement did Vinoba Bhave lead after the independence?
Answer: Bhoodan Andolan

45. The Rajarajeshwara temple of Tanjore was built by the king of which dynasty?
Answer: Chola

46. Where are the legendary Elephanta caves located?
Answer: Mumbai

47. Which epic was written by Chand Bardai?
Answer: Prithviraj Raso

48. In which state is the  Abor Hills located?
Answer: Arunachal Pradesh

49. Where is the Bay of Bengal?
Answer: In the east direction of India

50. Which state has the largest area?
Answer: Rajasthan

51. In which state does river Kishanganga flow?
Answer: Jammu and Kashmir

52. Bharuch is situated on the banks of which river in Gujarat state?
Answer: Narmada

53. In which state of India does the sunrise occur first?
Answer: Arunachal Pradesh

54. What is the motto of the World Boxing Organisation?
Answer: Dignity, Democracy, Honesty

55. In which city is the Chinnaswany stadium situated ?
Answer: Bangalore

56. By which name the playground of baseball is known ?
Answer: Diamond

57. What is the old name of Table Tennis ?
Answer: Ping-pong

58. What is Ranji Trophy Tournament?
Answer: Cricket

59. With which sports, Major Dhyan Chand is associated ?
Answer: Hockey

60. Hepatitis A is caused by which virus?
Answer: Hepatitis A virus

61. Which ancient Indian physician is known as the ‘Father of Surgery’?
Answer: Sushruta

62. What is the name of India’s National bird?
Answer: Peacock

63. From which country the principles of ‘Rule of Law’and ‘Legislative Procedure’ are taken in the Indian constitution?
Answer: Britain

64. How many Vidhansabha seats are there in Gujarat ?
Answer: 182

65. What is the retirement age of judges of the Supreme Court ?
Answer: 65 year

66. In Whose name does the Goverment of India conduct its executive actions?
Answer: President

67. Detroj taluka is located in which district of Gujarat?
Answer: Ahmedabad

68. In which sphere, Ozone layer depletion is found?
Answer: Stratosphere

69. Which Indian Scientist is known as the “father of Indian phycology” or “father of algology in India?
Answer: M. O. P. Iyengar

70. When is National Mathematics Day observed every year in India to pay tribute to the famous mathematician Srinivasa Ramanujan on his birthday?
Answer: 22nd December

71. What are the oscillations of a body whose amplitude goes on decreasing with time called as?
Answer: Damped oscillation

72. Which of the following compounds is mainly used in hand sanitizer?
Answer: Alcohol

73. Which of the following diseases is caused by dog bites?
Answer: Rabies

74. Which animal never drinks water in its entire life?
Answer: Kangaroo rat

75. Which of the following is not an allotrope of carbon?
Answer: Glass

76. An atomic number is represented by which letter?
Answer: Z

77. What is the shape of the medal for the Bharat Ratna award?
Answer: Peepal Leaf-Shaped

78. When was the first Bharat Ratna Award distributed ?
Answer: 1954

79. When was Dr. Dhondo Keshav Karve honoured with the Bharat Ratna ?
Answer: 1958

80. Which field does Ms. Krishnammal Jagannathan, winner of the year 2020 Padma Bhushan Award, belong to?
Answer: Social Work

81. Who among the following has been awarded the Padma Bhushan in the field of public affairs by the Government of India in the year 2020?
Answer: S. C. Jamir

82. Which day is January 11th known as in India?
Answer: Lal Bahadur Shastri Memorial Day

83. When is the ‘International Day of Non-Violence’ celebrated?
Answer: 2nd October

84. When is ‘August Kranti Diwas’ celebrated?
Answer: 9th August

85. When is ‘National Science Day’ celebrated?
Answer: 28th February

86. When is ‘SBI Foundation Day’ celebrated in India?
Answer: 1st July

87. When is ‘National Consumer Rights Day’ celebrated?
Answer: 24th December

88. When is ‘Sanskrit Diwas’ celebrated in India?
Answer: Shravani Poonam

89. When the world Introvert day is celebrated?
Answer: 2nd January

90. which organization declared The ‘International Clean Air Day for Blue Skies’?
Answer: UN

91. Which Chief Justice of India launched a software named FASTER on March 31st, 2022 ?
Answer: Chief Justice N V Ramana

92. Ganymede is the moon of which planet?
Answer: Jupiter

93. India adopted the ‘Digital Work Plan 2022’ along with which bloc?
Answer: ASEAN

94. Which country won the 2022 ICC Under-19 Cricket World Cup ?
Answer: India

95. Which Indian Railway Zone Is the largest ?
Answer: Northern

96. What is the name of ISRO’s new humanoid robot that will go to space next?
Answer: Vyommitra

97. Where is India’s largest floating solar power plant being established in 2022?
Answer: Telangana

98. Which gold medal is awarded for its significant contribution to the field of Gujarati literature?
Answer: Ranjitram Suvarna Chandrak

99. Who is the author of the comedy “Bhatt nu Bhopadu”?
Answer: Navalram

100. Which prestigious award was given to the MOM mission ?
Answer: Space Pioneer Award in 2015

101. What is strike range of Agni-1 missile ?
Answer: 700-1200 Km

102. Agni-5 is which type of missile ?
Answer: Ballistic missile

103. How much compensation is given for land acquisition in urban areas of Gujarat?
Answer: Jantri or market price, two times whichever is higher

104. How many Agro Climatic regions have been formed in command area of Sardar Sarovar Dam for the empowerment of farmers ?
Answer: 13

105. Who is the nodal agency for small hydro projects in the state of Gujarat?
Answer: Gujarat Energy Developer Agency (GEDA)

106. What is the name of the ancient fair held on the banks of the Meshwo river in the Aravalli district?
Answer: Fair of Shamlaji

107. Which one was a prominent centre of sculpture art during the Gupta Period?
Answer: Mathura

108. Which is Famous Festival of Punjab?
Answer: Lohri

109. The ‘Pana Sankranti’ festival is celebrated in which state of India ?
Answer: Odisha

110. Mysore Dasara is a 10-day festival in Which State?
Answer: Karnataka

111. In which place in India is Barehipani Falls situated?
Answer: Odisha

112. Which is the first Jyotirlinga?
Answer: Somnath

113. Who was the first Indian woman to swim across the English Channel ?
Answer: Arati Saha

114. Who is known as the Tiger of Mysore?
Answer: Tippu Sultan

115. Who is the first Indian woman elected as a Fellow of the Royal society?
Answer: Gagandeep Kang

116. Ashok Pandit is known for his outstanding performance in which field?
Answer: Film making

117. Satyen Bose has shown his excellence in which of the following fields?
Answer: Motion Picture

118. Which of the following is the smallest unit of data in a computer?
Answer: Bit

119. Which is a popular presentation programme for Windows in Microsoft Office?
Answer: Microsoft PowerPoint

120. What are called coded instructions set?
Answer: Computer Program

121. Which term is used to join the selected cells into one cell?
Answer: Merge

122. Who was designated as the sculptor for the Statue of Unity?
Answer: Shri Ram V. Sutar

123. Which style of temple-architecture is found in Southern India?
Answer: Dravidian-Style

124. Where is Fatehpur Sikri located?
Answer: Uttar Pradesh

125. During a geological exploration of Gujarat in 1893, Who discovered the weapons of the Old Fossil Era on the banks of Sabarmati river ?
Answer: Robert Bruce Foote

126. Who is the pioneer of Wipro, India’s largest software company ?
Answer: Azim Premji

127. Which annual award is given to individuals with notable lifetime contributions in the field of astronautics and aerospace technology in India ?
Answer: Aryabhata Award

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