Std 9,10,11,12 All Exam Date declared 2022-23

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Subject:- Matter of sending details of school activity calendar for academic year 2022-23. Reference :- As per the approval of the Government on single file dated 22/07/2022

The details of the school activity calendar for the academic year 2022-23 are sent herewith as per the approval of the Government on the above mentioned file. It includes academic session days, school exam date details, exam notifications, vacation days, public holidays details and class 10 and 1 board exam date details. If any changes are made in these dates by the Government, they will have to be changed accordingly.

Please send the said details to all secondary and higher secondary schools under your control and implement them well.

EXAM NAME (2022-23) DATE- 10/10/2022 TO 18/10/2022
STD 9 TO 12 FRIST EXAM DATE DATE- 10/10/2022 TO 18/10/2022
STD 9 TO 12 SECOND EXAM DATE DATE- 27/01/2023 TO 04/02/2023
STD 10 AND STD 12 BOARD EXAM DATE DATE- 14/03/2023 TO 31/04/2023
STD 9 AND STD 11 ANNUAL EXAM DATE DATE- 10/04/2023 TO 21/04/2023
  1. For the academic year 2022-23, there will be no reduction in the syllabus of classes 9 to 12.
  2. The syllabus for the first examination of class-9 to 12 will be from June to September, 3. There will be a complete syllabus for the prelim exam of class-10 and 12.

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