SEBC Students Scholarship Yojana 2022

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SEBC Students Scholarship Yojana 2022

Application of Post Matric Scholarship Scheme for Developing Caste Students
Instructions on filling the forms online

First students have to do new registration as Cltizen on Digital Gujarat Portal website. The new registration has to be done through Aadhaar number, E-mail ID, mobile number and self decided password, which has to be saved permanently for this portal. E-mail ID and mobile number are mandatory at the time of registration. (Regardless, the mobile number is requested to be continued till the full course scholarship/assistance is received.) After registration, the student should log in again using his mobile number, Aadhaar number or Email Id as his username and the password he has created to his profile ( My Profile) has to be updated. (Student can apply online even if My Profile is not updated.)

A student who has previously registered a profile on the Digital Gujarat Portal (viz

Annually applied for scholarship scheme online through portal or tablet

have applied or applied to avail other scholarship schemes of the portal) they

No need to re-register. They login with the previous Login ID.Password which it

Can apply directly to the applicable scheme.

Students who have forgotten their last year’s ID-Password will have to click on “Forget Password” and create a new password by getting OTP on their registered mobile. After getting the new password, your mobile number will be User ID and the password will be the newly created one, “Forget Password” menu is available on the login page on Digital Gujarat Portal.

If the registered mobile number of the students is lost or closed for any reason

Such students contact the SC/ST/OBC office of the district and establish their identity

Mobile number can be changed in profile.

After logging in the Digital Gujarat portal, all students have to apply online by clicking on the “scholarship: 0ption.” Students cannot apply for the scholarship scheme from any other place, which all students have to note.

After clicking on “Scholarship” option select the year 2017-18, 2018-19, 2019-20 or 2020-21 in the Financial Year drop down menu, if any of the years: 2017-18, 2018-19, 2019-20 or 2020-21 If the scholarship application is online, then the application can be viewed and the current year ૨૦૨૧-૨૨

Only the year 2021-22 has to be selected in the menu. The current year renewal application of the students who had applied online in the previous year 2020-21 and got the scholarship as per the rules has been placed in automatic “Renewal” mode, i.e. such students do not need to apply fresh, click on the “Renewal” button and enter all their details like That Registration Detail, Bank Detail, Academic Detail, Disability Detail etc. should be checked and upload the required boxes and send the application online (Students should scan the original document and upload it)

Students who received scholarship last year and their form is not found in automatic “Renewal” mode this year, click on “Request a New Service” button and select the year 2021-22 in the “Select Financial Year” drop down menu in the applicable scheme. Application has to be filled in fresh form.

The students of developing caste who want to apply Fash will have to open Digital Gujarat portal and click on “Login” option and go to “Citizen Login/Registration” option and login with their own password. After login click on “Scholarship” option and click on “Request a New Service” button. Then select the year 2021-22 in the “Select Financial Year” drop down menu and click on the eligible scheme under the heading “(Director Developing Caste Welfare)” and apply. After selecting the scheme, all the details required by the student Such as Registration Detail, Bank Detail, Academic Detail, Disability Detail, etc. must be filled carefully and all the applicable documents must be uploaded in the Attachment.(Students must scan the original document and upload it)

After verifying all the details and uploading the document, the student has to upload his latest passport size photo and after filling the complete application form, get the OTP on his mobile and do the online application “Final Submit” so that the application can be submitted online in the login of the student’s respective school/college/institute. will be done After completing the online application, the Fash and Renewal student will have to take a printout of it and submit it to the school, college, university institution along with the necessary supporting documents along with the application.
Note: The caste and income certificate issued by the competent authority should be uploaded only.

(Other Instructions for Students)

All Eligible Students of Developing Castes for the academic year 2021-2 should apply on Digital Gujarat Portal from 11/10/2021 to 15/1/2021 to get scholarship assistance.

Online applications have to be done without fail in the schemes.

All the students are required to make a seeding with Aadhaar card and bank account. Hence if

Immediately if any student has outstanding credit with his Aadhaar card and bank account

It is requested to provide details to one’s bank and arrange for seeding. The student staying in the hostel has to download the hosteler certificate from the Digital Gujarat Portal and get it signed/coined by the concerned hostel authority, scanned and uploaded.

After logging in while applying, the scheme can be downloaded from the “Instruction” page while applying. Students belonging to Scheduled Tribes who are natives of Gujarat and are studying in a recognized institute outside Gujarat State, they also have to apply online on Digital Gujarat Portal and Copy of all the documents uploaded along with the application form and

A copy of the institution’s recognition order, recognition of its course and institution fee approval

It has to be deposited in the district office of native place along with forwarding.

Students who select a state other than Gujarat state in “Registration Detail → Current Address State” while filling the scholarship scheme form will be considered as studying outside the state.

If the student has applied online and has not submitted the final or the printout of the application has not been deposited in his institution with all the documents, the application of the student will not be considered.

The student has to ensure that the KYC (KNOW YOUR CUSTOMER) form is filled or not as per the rules of the bank in order to keep his/her bank account open and the student is fully responsible if the wrong bank account number is filled while filling the form and the scholarship is credited to another account. will be of the student

Many students have not operated their bank account for a long time i.e. have not done any transaction of withdrawing or depositing money in the bank account) their accounts are dormant or suspended. The scholarship cannot be deposited in such account so all the students must ensure that their account is not dormant or suspended while filling the scholarship form in the bank so that there is no problem while depositing the scholarship online. If the student

Any wrong institution or wrong course will be selected by its application any other

The school/college/university will be sent online. If any such situation arises then about it

It will be the responsibility of the student.

→ While filling the online form by the student, if the details of his/her course is not found in the menu, he/she has to inform his/her institute and then if the institute updates that course in his/her login then the student can select that course.

→ If the student chooses to fill in any information wrongly or any information is hidden, he/she will not be allowed to fill the scholarship form again. If a student tries to get a scholarship by concealing false information, he/she will be blacklisted for the scholarship. Students are requested not to attempt to fill duplicate applications again.

Students are requested not to wait till the last date to fill the online application and fill the form as soon as possible under the guidance of the institute, the student should get the estimated date of completion of the session from the institute. (Students

Annual date has to be filled. Date not to be filled as per semester system.)

According to the order of year wise final year of all the courses taken by the student in class: 10th and thereafter

The mark sheet has to be uploaded and submitted to the institute. (Students must submit the original

(to scan and upload the document)

If there is a break in the course after class 10, any kind during that time

Affidavit to the effect that the course has not been pursued or availed of any scholarship

should be uploaded and submitted to the institution along with the application. The student will submit the final application online after which no corrections can be made so that if the students need to make any corrections in the online application, then the institution has to return such application and make the necessary corrections to the student and also give necessary notice to the student regarding the return of the application. (The facility of “Withdraw” has also been added in the login of the student in the portal so that if the institution has not taken any action on the student’s application, the student can manually withdraw his application and add corrections to his application.

can send.) Rural students can fill their form online from Egram Center.

No offline scholarship will be paid to any student as all scholarship operations are done online. All students/Principals should note this. If the student finds any need while filling the form on Digital Gujarat Portal, he/she has to contact Help Desk -:18002335500.

(Before filling the online form, the student should keep the following details in mind and scan all the original documents below)

Details to note:

→ The student has to keep in mind while filling the online form that he must have his own e-mail address if not then he has to create an e-mail id immediately. (While filling the online form, an OTP (ONE TIME PASSWORD) will be sent to the student’s mobile number. Also, the necessary messages and instructions will be sent in the future so that the students should keep their mobile phone in working condition until they get the scholarship.


→ Student’s caste certificate issued by the competent authority Parent’s income certificate issued by the competent authority (In case the father is not alive, the income certificate of the mother will be accepted on presentation of the death certificate of the father and divorce decree if the parents are divorced.) → According to the order of year wise final year of all the courses taken by the student in class: 10th and thereafter mark sheet

First page of bank passbook showing account number, IFSC code, bank branch if not passbook then cancel check showing account number, IFSC code, bank branch (new in case of merged banks) Bank’s IFSC and new bank account

Numbered passbook/cheque) If there is a break in the course after class-10, any kind during that time

The student who has not completed the course or benefited from any kind of scholarship means that the student residing in the hostel should submit the hosteler certificate (specimen of which is available on the portal).

available which has to be downloaded and signed by the Competent Authority)

→ Certificate issued by the competent authority if the student is disabled → Access fee paid by the student (Annually)

Passport size photograph

Marriage certificate Aadhaar card in case of married student

Supporting evidence called for by the District Officer if necessary

Note: 1. Students are specifically informed that the students have scanned the original document

Uploading (Only if the original of a document is not available then a copy will be allowed to upload.)

2. Including self-attested copy of the document uploaded while submitting the form to the institution

Submitting the form to the institution.

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