Now the maximum salary limit for pension calculation will be 15000.

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The Supreme Court legalized the 2014 reforms in the pension scheme.

The Supreme Court has upheld the 2014 amendments to the Employee Pension Scheme (EPS). It states that the pension of each employee is calculated at a maximum of Rs.15 thousand. On account of monthly salary
It will happen. That is if a person’s salary is Rs.50 thousand. Even if there is 15 thousand rupees for calculating his pension. Monthly salary will be the basis. The Delhi, Rajasthan and Kerala High Courts declared this provision illegal. But now a bench headed by Chief Justice Lalit has legalized it and paved the way for implementation of the provision in these states as well. People earning more than this provision may have to take up a separate retirement fund scheme. The Supreme Court can also strike down a provision of the new law.

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