2023 Marjiyat and Public Holidays List PDF File.

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2023 Public Holidays List PDF File.

First of 2023 Public Holidays 26th January 2023 Republic Day Thursday Second Mahashivratri 18th February 2023 Saturday Third Holi Second Day Dusty Eighth March 2023 9th March 2023 Wednesday and Thursday Sri Ram Ninth March 2023 Thursday Mahavir Janam Kalyanak 4th April 2023 Tuesday Good Friday 2023 Saturday Birthday of Doctor Baba Saheb Ambedkar 14th April 2023 Friday Bakri Eid 29th June 2023 Thursday Muharram 29th July 2023 Saturday Independence Day 15th August 2023 Tuesday Rakshabandhan 30th August 2013 Wednesday Janmashtami 7th September 2023 Thursday Sawantari 19th September 2023 Tuesday 28th September Eid Miladu 2023 Thursday Mahatma Gandhi’s Birthday 2nd October Monday Dussehra 24th October 2023 Tuesday Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel’s Birthday 31st October 2023 Tuesday New Year’s Day 14th November 2013 Tuesday Bhai Bij 15th November 2023 Wednesday Guru Nanak Jayanti 27th November 2013 Monday Christmas 23rd December 2023 14th January 2023 Second Saturday Lord Shri Parashuram Jayanti 22nd April 2023 Saturday Next Sunday, November 12.

Note: If any of the above declared Muslim holidays do not fall on the declared day, the discretionary leave of the Muslim Government employees may be granted on the day on which the declared festival actually falls.

2023 Marjiyat Holidays List PDF File.

Gujarat Marjiyat Name of Holiday Date and Day Vishwakarma Jayanti Third Femivari 2023 Friday Trio Matangdev Shri Birth Anniversary 8th February 2023 Wednesday Holi 7th March 2023 Tuesday Sab A Barat 8th March 201 Jamshed Navroj 21st March 2013 Tuesday March 2023 Wednesday Hardeshwar Jayanti 5th April 2023 Wednesday Hanuman Jayanti 6th April 2023 Thursday First Day 6th April 2023 Thursday Buddha Purnima 5th May 2013 Friday Ratha Yatra June 2023 Tuesday Zoroastrian New Year 17th July 2023 Monday Nava Moram 28th July 2023 Friday Vishwa Adivasi Festival Tuesday Kudadavar Sal 21st August 2023 Friday Eighth September Friday 12th September 2013 Tuesday 13th Wednesday Savantari Vishwa September 20023 Wednesday Ganesh Chaturthi 19th September 2023 Tuesday Mahasamir Swami Birth Anniversary 26th September 2023 Saturday.

2023 Public Holidays List PDF File Download

2023 Marjiyat Holidays List PDF FileDownload

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